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Matt Wallin, who used to work at ILM, started a podcast interviewing people who have worked at ILM in the past. He digs into their journey from childhood to ILM and beyond. He covers art directors, producers, TDs and a whole range of people almost every week since November 2020. For me it's facinating to hear more about previous co-workers that I didn't know. His podcast is called 8111 (ILM page number) and is available on any podcast apps.

Matt now teaches and also appears on the FX Guide's podcast. His website has his full bio, blog and his podcast.

He interviewed me a couple of weeks ago so here's his interview with me.

Here's a few old photos.

Dennis Muren and myself shooting the Mothership for Close Encounters. That's a very simple motion control system and homebrew lighting/neon control system.

Slating the Mothership. 65mm camera.

Shooting matte paintings on Close Encounters

Running an Evans and Sutherland computer graphics system for Star Trek the Motion Picture, when it was at Robert Ables.

Directing Space Race, a simulator ride shot in Showscan process and shown around the world.

One of the national commercials I directed. This is one of the HP spots. We had puppeteers with foam bottoms on the models and finished it in video post.

Long nights on The Mask with Jim Carrey.

PR photo for Dragonheart. I spent 6 months in Slovakia overseeing the plate photography (plate = scenes to add vfx to)

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