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Image by Pawel Czerwinski


To achieve many of the visual effects I've done, I've created  tools or unique processes to make them possible. Self taught in electronics and programming. Here are some:

  • Designed the digital electronics and wrote software for an advanced motion control system at Dream Quest used for models, graphics, slit scan and stop motion.

  • Wrote software to use rear projection digitizer system to match move BLUE THUNDER (pre-digital)

  • Wrote plugins for After Effects and Nuke,

  • Wrote special importers and exporters for Nuke and After Effects

  • Wrote a full 2D to 3D conversion system within Nuke using Python and custom plugins.

  • Wrote an advanced interactive VR video player in Unity

  • Created a video editing app in Unity for use within VR 

  • Wrote specialty shaders for use in Unity

  • Wrote a particle system used in DRAGONHEART

  • Wrote a data capture and previs tool interfacing a 3D laser transit with a Powerbook 180 for DRAGONHEART to make match moving more accurate and faster.

  • Wrote a video image processing in C++ and Python batch processor with Docker and AWS cloud

  • Oversaw development one of the first film digitizers for motion picture use (Received an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Award)

  • Received 3 patents for video processing developments

  • Wrote a rotoscope, paint and video processing application (Commotion) from scratch in C++ sold all over the world.

  • Developed one the first real time video playback systems on the Mac

  • Wrote software for optical printers and densitometers

  • Wrote multiple iOS app. 

  • Wrote many of the functions in pCam , an iOS app for cinematographers

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